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The band was founded in 1998 and the first concert took place in Cafe Marathon. It is named after fianna, gangs of brave Irish warriors. It plays celtic folk music with Czech humour. Jirka and Martin Pobuda have played the longest, other founding members were replaced by Mája Janatová and Radek Bezděka. In autumn 2004 Luisa Dudáková joined in and Fiannan played together for 9 years. At the end of 2013, the new violinist Katka Lorencová came and 2 years later Ondřej Vodička. Fiannan has released 8 albums including the newest CD I heard the old man say, which captures the traditional atmosphere of our concerts. Repertoire includes about 140 songs and traditional tunes. Most of the Irish and Scottish songs were translated by our leader Jirka Pobuda. You can find them in our Songbook.


025fiannan  Jirka Pobuda - guitar, accordion, singer, author of lyrics

021fiannan  Martin Pobuda - bodhran, singer. He plays also in Hakka Muggies.

023fiannan  Radek Bezděka - guitar, banjo, singer

032fiannan  Luisa Dudáková - flutes, whistle, singer. She sings also in the choir Subito.

030fiannan  Katka Lorencová - violin, harp, whistle

028fiannan  Ondřej Vodička - violin

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